Below are testimonials from a few of our wonderful and lovable four-legged (and finned) clients. Please click here for two-legged client testimonials. References are always available—so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a referral before deciding on a service.



I have lots of energy so LegUp walks me every day. My favorite thing to do is to chase the ball and run run run!

LegUp always takes me to all my vet visits and they watch me when my dad is out of town. I like to play a lot and I love the time they spend with me playing string!

I don’t have any neighbors close to me, so LegUp takes care of me while my dad is away on business. They even clean my bowl if it gets dirty!



LegUp walks me around my neighborhood every day. They also watch me while my mom is away on business. They make sure I get treats for being a good doggie!
LegUp takes care of me while my mom is on vacation. I love to stretch my little legs, so they let me roam outside and they always refresh my hay when it’s low!
LegUp walks me every Monday and Wednesday. I love going to the dog park where I can run, chase balls, and my favorite: playing in the water puddles!



Doctor says I need to exercise more—so LegUp is helping me do just that! They also take care of me while my mom is away on business.
I love when LegUp watches me while my parents are away. We have lots of playtime and even though I may be a cat, I love taking walks in my backyard with my special cat leash!
LegUp takes me and my little sister Lilah (left) for walks every Tuesday and Thursday. They also help Lilah with her potty training and sitting at corners.

  LegUp makes sure Chin Chin (a chinchilla) and I are well taken care of while our parents are away. They make sure I receive my eye medicine twice a day and since he’s nocturnal, they make sure Chin Chin gets out at night to play and stretch his little legs!